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tv   News  ABC  November 17, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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warning for the baltimore area after one until 2:30. that's when the hardest hitting storms blew three. we have building and tree damage. and we have got two live reporters on the scenes in parkville and baltimore city where now daylight will show us how bad it is. possible tornado in parkville. it's possible. some reports indicating the damage may have done that. but an investigation from the national weather service will confirm that. baltimore city kevin cart wright reporting and confirmed with the national weather service that wind of 80 miles per hour bhiew through northeast baltimore causing problems there. so we were trying to do research and we have got that confirmed. and that came from kevin cartwright fire chief this morning. we have picked up the highest wind on the storm center weathernet in laurel at johns hop kens university applied physical -- johns hopkins university applied physics lab. a mild start at 54. there's the line of storms that blew through this morning. we take it past the storm damage where it blew on the eastern
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shore. we have had a chance to dry out with a brief shower around the region this morning, mainly to the north side with clearing to the south. the wind advisory goes into effect at 9 a.m. so the wind will pick up again -- winds will pick up again today through the afternoon through four and anne arundel county through queen ann's and northbound. so if you are near route 50, to easton or north to the pa line through pennsylvania, that's where we have the possibility of wind reaching 40 miles per hour today. there may be more tree limbs that come down. midday high temperature of 61. and then we will cool off with the strong gusty winds as we do clear out this afternoon back into the 50s. but problems this morning with streetlights out and down debris. and we have the latest on the commute with kim brown. >> reporter: this morning's commute is going to be filled with road hazards than accidents. at least right now. as we look at cameras, we are here in ann aid rundle county route 1 hundred -- anne arundel county, route 100. we don't have reports of roads closed because of debris issues
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in anne arundel county. harford baltimore county and baltimore city was hit the hardest. this is what we have in the city. we are working a pair of accidents at bowley's lane and in parkville, closures along perring parkway at oakley and also closed at taylor avenue. taylor avenue closed again at aiken and putty hill at conroy court near parkville high school. those are closed because of downed trees and tree limbs and wires and debris. the lights are out at pulaski and white marsh and that can be an issue around the area with dark lights. treat the intersections as a four-way stop. as we continue on in baltimore city, another accident lingering southbound on the jfx at northern parkway. and over in kateonsville -- catonsville rolling road killed. use the beltway to get around the incident. back to you. >> thanks.
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6:32. it called down but the cleanup is beginning this morning. a major storm came through the area ripping roofs out of homes and downing trees and knockout power lines knocking out windows. and abc2 news charlie crowson is live where there is a lot of damage behind. good morning. >> reporter: megan, good morning to you. we are at the intersection of forest and oakley this morning. we are talking about the damage. kim was talking about downed power lines and trees. i want to caution people as they make their way out this morning, bg and e crews are stationed at vfw and are waiting to come out and assess the damage and do all they can. some of the power lines could be live. so take caution as you make your way out this morning to assess the damage here at first light. this house at oakley and forest, just skirted being completely crushed. you see the huge oak tree as it blew over and just clipped the backside of the house. the folks inside are reported to be okay. not the same for a home just two
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houses done. it was crushed by one of the overturned trees. sight now, we have -- right now we have a woman whose house was in the direct line of fire from what we saw this morning after 1:30. jean james thanks for your time. you are doing fine right now. >> yes. >> reporter: everyone is your house is okay. >> everybody was fine. >> reporter: take us back a few hoursing a that storm blew through -- hours as the storm blew through. what did you see and hear. >> sound like a train coming -- sounded like a train coming down the treat and you heard debris and all that flying around. >> reporter: you saw flashes of light. >> it looked like lightning but apparently it was lights coming from the actual lines going down the street. >> reporter: now as you made your way out with your family, i understand your nephew is here with you as well. what did you see with your house? >> our house, we just have a lot of debris from other people's houses. my sister's house, a lot of her shingles and her back fence is completely gone. her shed was lifted.
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a couple houses up from ours, part of a garage roof is completely ripped off and in the middle of the street. a lot of the wires that are down here are live. we were told that. >> reporter: right. down tree you've been talking to neighbors as they made their way out tonight overnight not much sleep in parkville. what are they telling you? >> just a lot of damaged trees down and debris everywhere. people trying to figure out where the stuff is because of the missing it. my sister's neighbor he has tree on his house. and, his lawn furniture and all that is missing out of his yard. he has no clue where it is. so, it was -- it was an exciting night. >> reporter: thanks so much. thank goodness you and your family are -- family are okay. continue to follow us as we continue to update the story. and it will continue to develop throughout the day. as we have first light, also, you can follow us on facebook. we have photos up and you can upload your photos and show us what you are seeing as you make your way out.
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live in parkville, charlie crowson, abc2 news. megan. >> thanks and we are glad to hear people are safe. the maker of the controversial four loko drink is cutting caffeine from the product. the announcement is after the alcoholic energy drink was to blame for a number of young adults passing out or even being hospitalized. that led lawmakers to push for tougher regulations of the types of drinks. oh those things. due due veila. -- the noisy horns so annoying during the world cup remember that in south africa? the name is one of the top word of 2010. so, that's another one and there's sarah pale ann term rue piewt ate and combination of rye phyt and that's another word one of the top words of the year. and also on the list, spill
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cam. another one president obama nickname for the winter storm. and justin of course a big fan of the word but of snow mageton. let's hope we don't see that again for 2011. we will be right back and have more on the storm damage and cleanup happening this morning.
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severe weather no doubt about that. we have been track the high wind across the area. we are showing you the amight physics lab at johns hopkins university in laurel. 54 right now but it's about the wind gust in the middle of the screen. we were talking about glen bernie. parkville at the middle school, 39-mile-per-hour winds but to show you how localized sometimes the severe weather events can be, kevin cartwright fire chief
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talking about near 80-mile-per-hour winds from parkville through northeast baltimore city. and it could be a localized burst. the national weather service will investigate. a wind advisory as wind rolled for the time being but will pick up between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. check out the wind model. wind out of southwest this morning. the long arrows indicate a 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind and we expect wind possibly pushing 40 miles per hour this afternoon. wind shift to the northwest turning cooler but will ease up over the next couple days before building back on friday morning with the cold air. more on the forecast coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we have building volume around the area. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. you will see things slow from warren road approaching the beltway. looking at the maps, two accidents in the city one at bowley's lane and another crash southbound on the jfx at northern parkway. lots of closures especially throughout baltimore city and harford county and parkville. putty hill and conway closed.
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and taylor avenue is closed at aiken avenue. and sherrie johnson is out in northeast baltimore. she has the latest of the effects of last night's storms. good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. i am here in northeast baltimore where severe storms ripped through one area. coming up, i will have more on evacuation for one community. ♪
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we are 15 minutes away from seven. good morning i am megan pringle. we have team coverage of a nasty early morning storm. we will get to that in a minute but first we want to tell you about school closures due to power outage from that storm. they are there on the screen. arundel mills elementary school reg nall lewis high school, web deboys high school in baltimore city closed. and i will hava crest elementary school in baltimore county are closed this morning due to power outages. so let's get to justin berk with a look at the storm and what's going on in the area. justin. >> megan, storms blew through or not 1 to 2:30.
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wind gusting upward of 57 miles per hour in laurel. near 08-mile-per-hour winds in baltimore and parkville. rain out of here, maryland's most powerful doppler radar dry. here's wind forecast and we have a wind advisory basically froman arundel through northbound on the eastern shore queen ann's county. wind could push 40 miles per hour. strong long arrows from the left to right going to the four this afternoon. it will ease up this evening. tomorrow a. calmer day. we expect wind to pick up out of the north with cold air spilling in on friday. today, the wind advisory will reach 61 around lunchtime, and the wind will stay with -- winds will stay with us as we drop into the 50s this afternoon. here kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. volume delays starting to happen right now. 95 southbound through the white marsh boulevard area and the west side of the beltway at liberty road. looking at maps, we have closures on west side of the city. one saturday beachwood and carmine and rolling road closed at route 40 and traffic lights
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out in elk ridge route one. lots of other closures around baltimore county and harford county. we will get to those in few minutes. now back to you. severe weather caused significant damage in baltimore city and baltimore county. it happened this morning. the storm hit the dutch village apartments early this morning on fleetwood and mcclean damaging apartment units leaving some people injured. sherrieionson has been out there -- sherrie johnson has been out there, what's going on? >> reporter: firefighters told us they expect more winds and we are going to have to move because it's not safe. we are here in the 2200 block of fleetwood avenue. look behind me here. let me showy a little bit about what's going on here. the roof over -- show you a little bit about what's going on here. the roof over there is totally gone. firefighters evacuated the area because the structures are not safe at all. and let me tell you. around 1:30 this morning, the
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severe storms blew through with 80-mile-an-hour winds. again, we are here at dutch village apartments and tone homes. roof off this apartment building here. there are many downed trees, many downed power lines. and you can see the debris right here. a lot of people are starting to venture out this morning. but, again, firefighters are telling them they have to leave the area because it's just not safe. and you can see here we have some city agencies that are here. we have fire fighters that are here. it's finally starting to light up out here so many they can see the damage. so they are starting to walk around the complex. look at this home on jubilee court. you can see there's a piece of wood stuck in the side of the building. about 2700 homes just in this area right here without power this morning. two mta buss are here as temporary shelter. there's a staging unit with many city agent sits on hand,
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including emergency management. that's where they want us to move because they feel hike that's safer right now. the mustn't pleasant ice -- mount pleasant ice rink will serve as a temporary shelter. and firefighters are surveying the damage. it's been difficulty for -- difficult for them overnight because it was so dark. but now that it's lightening up a little bit. they are able to see a little more of the damage. so once again, you know, a huge mess out here. debris is everywhere. downed power lines, and firefighters and rescue crews are still trying to get a handle on it, trying to keep people safe. reporting hive in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> please take their advice and move and stay safe out there. the pictures are incredible. live team coverage continues this morning. the storm really hit a whole bunch of areas including baltimore county. that's where we find charlie crowson live in parkville where that area has been torn up as well. charlie. >> reporter: megan, thank you and good morning.
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talking about the perspective of something like this. a storm of this magnitude, the power of mother nature is something we want to show you that's interesting because we have been showing outimages that we have been moving west down forest avenue but here at oakley and forest, you will see two piles of leaves in the yard untouched. completely untouched in this storm by what's happened, but as we move a few yards on down the road, you're going to see this uprooted oak tree almost crushed this house at the intersection of oakley and forest. this family just barely skirted losing their house altogether. not so lucky for a home just two doors down. you will see an uprooted tree on that house. a little later this morning, when we get cameras down there to show you, on into forest avenue, this morning, power lines down. trees are down. you see foot traffic of people coming out surveying the damage this morning. we want to caution everyone who
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can hear us this morning, if you are coming out, be aware, some of the power lines could still be live. so take caution when you come out. bg and e crews are staged at the vfw. as daylight breaks, they will come out repair the damage as well as getting the trees cleared out. again, you will see people out there taking photos, doing whatever they can. memories of the storm. something that a lot of people we spoke with say this is unusual for baltimore county, especially this time of year. this might be a storm you would see maybe more in the midwest around areas like arkansas, omaha, and nebraska up in missouri. severe storm there, that's common this time of year. not something you expect for here in maryland. we are going to continue out here this morning talking to residents, what they are seeing as well as emergency crews as they are going from hot spot to hot spot. live in parkville, charlie crowson abc2 news. >> thanks. remember to stay with abc2 news and to keep up-to-date on the storm and all
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the cleanup happening. you can track maryland most powerful doppler radar and find the hardest hit areas. we want to see your damage in your area if you are seeing anything interesting, just send us pictures, pix at or upload pictures and stories to the facebook fan page. of:52. in other -- 6:52. in other news, baltimore city critical teachers union contract vote is today. mayor rawlings-blake has taken to youtube to talk about why the vote is important you to and your children and the city. >> it was a collaborative effort that respects the hard work of schoolteachers and honors the sacrate truth or students deserve the best. with the new contract, baltimore will lead the state and the nation in making the necessary changes to improve being a dem being achievement in public schools. baltimore school teachers are not waiting for superman to make our schools better. because we have supermen and women in the classroom every day making a real difference. as mayor, as a public. >> the mayor told maryland
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publication that the proposed agreement rewards teachers for excellence and provides higher starting salaries and more competitive pay scales. the goal is to continue to attract and retain excellent teachers, teach kers vote today from 7 this morning until 6 tonight on the contract. we will let you know what happens. and we have an update this morning on the parking fiasco at morgan state university. remember this in it's the students versus residents and it's all over parking spots. people living around the school have been complaining students are take up too many park spaces in the neighborhood and now the school is doing something about it. they are meeting with members of the community in an effort to work on an agreement. the meeting begins at 9 a.m. on the 4th floor of truth hall in the president's board room. we will let you know if anything gets resolved. lins up, this is important. if you are going to the ravens buccaneer's game, the kick off
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time changed. the game will start at 4:15. it was originally scheduled for one in the afternoon. if you don't want to tailgate, game will be played on fox. you can watch it there. and before you head off, the ravens helped out fans at homeless shelter. they to so much for the community. several star players such showed up to help out. and they gav away winter coats and personal items to 300 homeless men. they made them lunch that day. you will need a windbreaker today. aid mild start at 55 here in town. still 61 up towards new york. you will notice the 40s in the mountains and typically with this type of storm track, which is to the west, we actually get a delay of the cold air behind this storm. there's the line that pushed through. this was 12:50. we had a severe thunderstorm warning in the area. most of you probably slept
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through that. maybe good test for how well you warnings and advisories get to a you especially when you are sleeping and people really wanted to know that storm is coming. even in baltimore city. it blew through and is hitting new england this morning. and we are starting to clear things out. cloud lines back in the mountains. so from about carroll county westbound, dealing with the clouds. and watch this storm watch the circulation pushing now to the great lakes near buffalo, new york. that's the wind machine right there of heavy rain out of here. showers still in the mountains but winds wrapping around from the west and southwest this morning. that is the gust of 40 miles per hour or greater through 4 p.m. and the colder air behind the storms spills in overnight. and on into tomorrow. we are dry today. we clear it out and we are strong winds and then we go through tomorrow with the morning snow showers in the mountains and cloud it up and maybe a rain or snow shower nearby tomorrow evening. nothing is going to stick. we dry things out and cool things down. 61 today. wind advisory through 4 p.m. with gusts of 40 miles per hour. and we are down into the 30s
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overnight. and again dry tomorrow, tomorrow evening showers and dry with the low to mid-50s through the weekend. kim. >> reporter: justin, heavy volume around the beltway causing some delays here on the outer loop. making your way past liberty road, expect to be a 5 to 6 minute delay between 795. as you look at maps, several incidents involving closures of intersections because of debris down, lights out. and it's a variety of places. so pulaski highway there at white marsh boulevard and ebenezer all traffic lights are dark at this time. in parkville, you will see closures at putty hill and conroy. perring at oakley and aiken at taylor and taylor again at perring parkway. good news in baltimore city. mcclean at perring parkway has been reopened but mcclean remains closed at northern parkway because of debris. >> we will have constant updates on the traffic and weather of course all morning long. don't forget, this is the big story on "good morning, maryland" at nine. hope you join us.
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